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Contribution to Society

Sustainability at JGAS

JGAS and its group companies are united in our aim to contribute to
the realization of a sustainable society.

Under the motto ”JGAS can do it,” we are tackling new ways to do so,
starting from the sky.

Initiatives for the SDGs

Support for Student Aviation League NPO
in Kazo, Saitama

We support the activities of Yomiuri Kazo Gliding Field and the non-profit Student
Aviation League, both located in the city of Kazo in Saitama Prefecture.
The Student Aviation League is a glider club established in 1952. Its members
consist mainly of high school and university students but also include working

We decided to support this program out of a wish to turn out many young people
who enjoy flying. The Student Aviation League has created many glider licensors and remains active with a flat-rate, all-you-can-fly pricing system that is affordable even
for students.
Through student-centered management, the program educates students in flight as well as in the leadership and cooperation that will be fundamental to their future
careers in society.


Reuse of Corrugated Boxes

We reuse corrugated boxes as a part of cushioning materials for shipping parts.

Using newly introduced special equipment, we turn normally-discarded corrugated
cardboard boxes into cushioning materials.

Use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Biofuel

In June 2021, our group company Japan Biz Aviation conducted a flight between
Kagoshima and Haneda using SUSTEO, a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) biofuel
produced and sold by Euglena Co., Ltd. This flight marked the world’s first use of
SUSTEO in a commercial aircraft.

Since biofuel is derived from plant and animal materials, it does not increase carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, making it effective in combating global warming. It is also more stable than other renewable energy sources as it is not affected by weather

SUSTEO is attracting attention as a new energy source for the aviation industry.



Investments in transportation infrastructure and new businesses

We will provide efficient mobility through the further proliferation of business jets
and helicopters.

We will also advance business aimed at the adoption in Japan of air mobility,
including the eVTOL aircraft that are on the near-future horizon.

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