2. Strengths of Japan General Aviation Service

Strengths of Japan General Aviation Service

”JGAS can do it.”
Unprecedented satisfaction with
unprecedented service.

Our professionals draw on expert skills and extensive experience in varied fields to provide wide-ranging services
that meet diverse aircraft-related requirements.


The reason why JGAS is chosen


Total support for general aviation

JGAS provides total support that spans aircraft sales, aircraft
maintenance/repair/refurbishment, aircraft parts sales, proposal
of mission systems and other aircraft-related equipment, and pilot

JGAS also provides services related to aircraft operations, such as
aircraft insurance and support for the preparation of regulations and for applications to the Civil Aviation Bureau.

Our group company Japan Biz Aviation Co., Ltd. provides air transport
services while Japan AvioTech Co., Ltd. provides inspection and repair
services for aeronautical radio equipment.

We provide one-stop support for everything customers need.



Provision of high-quality aircraft
MRO services

JGAS provides high quality aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul
services as a workshop certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure,
Transport, and Tourism.

JGAS can perform maintenance work on both airplanes and helicopters, as well as piston engines, diesel engines, and turbine engines.

Our maintenance staff includes small aircraft specialist engineers and
engineers involved in maintenance at major airlines, and is familiar with all types of aircraft.

We pursue JGAS quality day in and day out.



Sales of aircraft parts as well as the
latest tools and other maintenance

We sell all kinds of parts for small to large aircraft.

We also sell tools and other maintenance equipment that meet
customers’ needs.

We visit overseas exhibitions, mainly in the U.S, to keep abreast of the
latest information on maintenance equipment.

JGAS acts as customers’ procurement department, procuring and
providing equipment from manufacturers in line with customers’



Operation of the Flight Training

The Flight Training Center specializes in training for professional pilots,
including private universities’ pilot training courses and training
commissioned by airline operators, in addition to JGAS’s own training

The center has veteran pilots who have worked in the airlines, as well as Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilots (CSIPs). Training for Cirrus Aircraft owners is offered, as is training for hobbyists who wish to obtain a
private pilot certificate.



Extensive experience in dealing with
national institutions

In addition to commercial airlines and individual customers, JGAS also
has extensive dealings with government agencies. As an example, JGAS
is under contract to maintain 30 training aircraft for the Independent
Administrative Institution Civil Aviation College in Obihiro and Miyazaki.

JGAS also handles maintenance and refurbishment of helicopters and
other aircraft owned by the Japan Coast Guard and the Police Aviation
Unit, as well as contracted training for newly enlisted members of the
Police Aviation Unit. We provide reliable services grounded in our
experience in the field, in both the public and private sectors.


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